.sb downloader

.sb downloader downloads Scratch 1 (sb), Scratch 2 (sb2), or Scratch 3 (sb3) projects. Just paste the project's ID or URL into the input below and press the download button.

Unshared projects

Unshared projects are no longer accessible using this tool due to Scratch API changes. More information.

Legacy version of projects

In August 2023, Scratch disabled the API to download the legacy version of projects.

Asset viewer

Load a project first to use the asset viewer.


.sb downloader is open source. There is an easy-to-use API.


.sb downloader is of course powered by the Scratch API. The JSZip library is used for creating zip archives.


In order to access the project token and title, .sb downloader may send the project ID to a server under our control as it can't directly access certain Scratch APIs. The ID may be recorded for up to 24 hours for caching purposes only.